All game data is contained on the hard drive and protected by a USB dongle. There is no optical drive.

Off the shelf retail components will work as long as the major chipsets match (Fiesta/FiestaEX also require the motherboard's BIOS brand to match), with the exception of hard drive (serial check). In fact, it's perfectly possible to build a "homemade MK6" using the above list with a software-only upgrade kit (which includes the hard drive) buying the PIUIO board as a spare part or salvaging it from another machine.

It is rumored that any GeForce FX5xxx will work, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Games that shipped with this hardware:

  • Pump it UP NX

Games that will run on this hardware:

  • Pump it UP NX
  • Pump it UP NX2
  • Pump it UP NX Absolute
  • Pump it UP Fiesta(*)
  • Pump it UP FiestaEX(*)

(*)Requires a memory upgrade (to 512MB). Motherboard must have an Award BIOS.